Year 2017

PROTEST AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT He raised his voice against the government for not providing the sugarcane payment.

Year 2016

SUPPORT OF SHEILA DIXIT He supported Sheila Dixit for becoming the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Year 2015

MOVEMENT FOR THE RIGHTS OF FARMERS He make a movement for the farmers to get subsidy for the loss they have suffer because of heavy hail storm, because of his efforts 20 lakh farmers benefited by this movement.

Year 2014

TANDA NTPC EVENT In 2014, Dixit has traveled and explored various regions of Uttar Pradesh and nearby areas . In the same year, he participated in the Tanda NTPC event that was an issue raised for the lands of farmers that were illegally...

Year 2013

GAO CHALO UNNAO CHALO In 2013, Dixit participated in the various rally to gather the respect and support of farmers to demand a strong Lokpal, where Anna Hazare addressed this rally in Unnao district on February .The rally was based on the theme Gaon Chalo, Unnao...