Farmer Campaign To Make Country’s Largest Population Happy

Youth Leader

Pandit Shekhar Dixit Engaging in Farmer Campaign To Make Country’s Largest Population Happy

Recently, Pandit Shekhar Dixit, in a press conference, stated that organized farmers united with the right could become the ultimate weapon, and no power in the world could defeat them. It is the dream of Pandit Shekhar Dixit that every farmer needs a happy, peaceful, powerful as well as prosperous life. When you are getting involved in politics, then there would be no power that can protect your interests. Without a proper plan, you would all be in the swamp of sorrows. It is always quite important to know about the interest of farmers in staying organized. Development especially took place in major cities in the towns, metros, and cities. In the modern-day, the mall culture has been spreading rapidly in most countries.

People have been living the life full of luxuries, and they have not been formulating the concrete agricultural policy that is suitable for the development of villages. Former Prime Minister Mr Vishwanath Pratap Singh ji especially understood the requirements of the labourers, farmers, poor. He also resolved that they launch the campaign for giving equal status to farmers, poor, labourers and many more. Indian farmers are forced to take suicidal steps.

Today, many people are being evicted from the land of the farmers, and the condition of the farmers is getting worse every day. The government is also taking steps for getting rid of the problem amongst the farmers. Pandit Shekhar Dixit is the National President of National Kisan Manch, added concern about Brahmin society in a meeting, said Brahmins become a matter of politics quite similar to that of Muslims. Pandit Shekhar Dixit is well known for being hardworking as well as a militant youth leader of farmers.

Pandit Shekhar Dixit was also the stronghold in the Brahmin society, and he was called as Brahmin leader of Uttar Pradesh. Leader Pandit Shekhar Dixit also states that the uproar between the Brahmins due to the hurt of 2022 in the UP. he stated that there is no one looking back at the Brahmin community. Brahmin Samaj, which was popularly called as the Brahmin leader in Uttar Pradesh being politicized.

Farmer leader Pandit Shekhar Dixit also told the special correspondent Deep Shankar Mishra stating that there is no objection to the party calling me Brahmin-Brahmin. He also stated that he has objections to the politicization of Brahmin Samaj. Raja Saheb was mainly under serious illness, but he did not give up. Raja Saheb has been attending meetings even with the severe illness. Raja Saheb died on 27 November 2008 in Delhi. The death of Raja Saheb became a big blow to the farmers, financially weak people and especially to the workers. He was a great philosopher who said that great personalities might die, but their thoughts of them live forever.

National Farmers Forum is mainly made for fulfilling his dreams, and it has become the largest organization in Uttar Pradesh and many other states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Delhi, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. National President of National Farmer’s Forum or the Kisan Neta Uttar Pradesh also dedicated selflessly to taking part in the National Farmer’s Forum.