Glorious Triumph And Life Of Pandit Shekhar Dixit

Youth Leader

Pandit Shekhar Dixit is a famous Indian politician and social worker born on 20th January 1984. He is also the president of Rashtriya Kisan Manch, and he was one of the youngest politicians in Uttar Pradesh. Pandit Shekhar Dixit created differences in politics in Uttar Pradesh. Pandit Shekhar Dixit supports the success of farmers in all aspects. He is morally sound, enthusiastic, and energetic. Pandit Shekhar Dixit is the youngest farmer leader in UP. Pandit Shekhar Dixit has been raising awareness about the importance of the problem along with contributing to reducing forest tribal issues. He has been honored by India Brahmin Sabha for making awareness of social and environmental scenarios.

Personal Life:

Pandit Shekhar Dixit was born in Mahanagar, Lucknow, to a Nawabi Lucknowi family – Mr. Kailash Chandra Dixit and Vimlesh Dixit. At the age of 17, Pandit Shekhar Dixit entered politics. He worked very hard for the welfare and development of the farmers across the country. Pandit Shekhar Dixit invests his time in helping family members in outdoor works and other household works. After the demise of the late Vimlesh Dixit, Shekhar supports his father in all aspects. Pandit Shekhar Dixit has younger brother Gaurav Dixit and a sister Garima Dixit. They are also very supportive across the politics with motivating him all through the journey. Pandit Shekhar Dixit was engaged and married to Abhiruchi Dixit with Indian traditions. Mrs. Dixit is extremely supportive and graduated in Teacher Training. She is a business-oriented woman. The couple was blessed with a baby boy named Yuvraj.  Pandit Shekhar Dixit is an active politician and leads a simple life. He is a vegetarian and workaholic.

Attained Mainstream Debate:

Pandit Shekhar Dixit worked on bringing many numbers of tribal as well as environmental issues in the sight of the government. Pandit Shekhar Dixit mainly improved his interest as a social worker and began to upgrade the lives of farmers. The main reason is that the farmers are the backbone of our country. Shekhar Dixit also worked on improving the lives of the villagers in tribal areas.

Awards And Acclaims:

Pandit Shekhar Dixit has been honored as presidentship of Rashtriya Kisan Manch. Hon Rajpal Ramnaik has honored Pandit Shekhar Dixit as “Farmer Leader” He has been working as a youth and young politician in Uttar Pradesh. Shekhar Dixit has been raising awareness about more number of environmental problems, and he has been contributing to reducing the issues of forest tribal. Pandit Shekhar Dixit also received many state Honors from various social workers and politicians.