Farmers have been still agitating against ‘Agriculture Laws’ in various ways. Even though the dialogue between the Government and farmers are not visible, farmers have made up their mind to be represented in power. Shekhar Dixit also joined the farmers to extend his support for the cause of the farmers. Shekhar Dixit is a renowned politician and social worker. Shekhar Dixit is also the president of Rashtriya Kisan Manch and the youngest politician in Uttar Pradesh. Shekhar Dixit states that contesting the farmer assembly election of UP is the best way to clear off the problem. It is not possible to solve the problems even without participating in the contest. He states that the farmers need to represent themselves for solving this issue. Shekhar Dixit and is team is ready to support the farmers. To fight strongly, it is quite important to gain more support from the farmers.

Shekhar Dixit was also National President of the Rashtriya Kisan Manch and entered politics even at a young age. Shekhar Dixit stated that the era of ruling the farmers with seducing them has gone. He created a difference in politics in UP. Shekhar Dixit supports farmers. Kisan Movement works to extend the helping hand for the farmers even in difficult times. Shekhar Dixit is morally sound and enthusiastic. In an interview, Shekhar Dixit, everyone has the right to contest elections, but the contest elections from various organizations or parties would mainly benefit the BJP. Shekhar Dixit ji played an important role in the Kisan Movement at present. He is the youngest farmer leader in UP and raising awareness about the importance of the problem.

Recently, Shekhar Dixit contributed more in reducing the forest tribal issues. Shekhar Dixit is honored with many awards by Indian Brahmin Sabha. He has been creating awareness and social attributes for the farmers. Shekhar Dixit stated that when there are any atrocities on the farmer in the country, then it would create a disturbance, and farmers from across the country will unite and oppose it. He also mentioned that instead of talking to farmers to solve the problems, many have been blaming the farmers. Shekhar Dixit states that the farmers have been working in the field even in the rain, cold, and heat for getting the people food. It is not appropriate to ridicule their hard work. The government needs to talk to the farmers seriously and find the best solution to their problem.

In an interview, Shekhar Dixit states the support fund that has been announced by the government is not reaching the farmers in Bihar, MP, and UP. Normally, the support price for the Paddy was declared in 1850 in Uttar Pradesh. With the establishment of the process, more than 90% of farmers are required to sell their paddy, even at the rate of Rs 900 to Rs 1100. Even the flaw in the system has not been removed for more than 74 years. Farmers of these states have no support price to date.